6: DETOX – Toxins, Health Impact, Systems Involved In Detoxification, Ways To Detox

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Welcome to The Nutritional Pearls Podcast! Focusing on topics that include digestion, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, supplementation, electrolytes, stomach acid, and so much more, “The Nutritional Pearls Podcast” features Christine Moore, NTP and is hosted by Jimmy Moore, host of the longest running nutritional podcast on the Internet.  Sharing nuggets of wisdom from Christine’s training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Jimmy’s years of podcasting and authoring international bestselling health and nutrition books, they will feature a new topic of interest and fascination in the world of nutritional health each Monday. Listen in today as Christine and Jimmy welcome special guest Daniele Brose to talk all about detoxification in Episode 6.

Here’s what Christine, Jimmy, and Daniele talked about in Episode 6:

1. Definition of toxin: any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body
A. External sources: pollution
B. Internal sources: cellular wastes
C. Any substance if too much, like water, sodium and almost all nutrients (in certain situations
can cause a toxic environment
2. Toxins are everywhere
A. Air and water pollution
B. Radiation
C. Chemicals
D. Poorly digested foods
E. Heavy metal exposure
F. Bacterial/Parasitic/Fungal overgrowth
3. Detoxification is always taking place. It’s the way the body heals and repairs itself.
A. The vast majority of detoxification happens when we sleep. This is why it’s not good to eat
to close to going to bed. If we eat too close to going to bed, the body has to focus on
digesting the food rather than the detoxification process.
B. All the systems of the body have to be functioning properly before detoxification can take
1. Diet: processed, lifeless food is seen as a toxin to the body
2. Digestion: If you aren’t digesting correctly, the detoxification pathways can be blocked
3. Blood Sugar Balance: Blood sugar imbalances stress the liver and deplete the B vitamins
which aid the liver in the detoxification process
4. Fats: fat tissue helps to protect the body from the toxins because the toxins are stored
there; the fat we consume keeps the bile flowing. The bile is what removes the toxins from the body through the intestinal tract
5. Minerals: detoxification can create acidic blood. Minerals, in particular calcium, help
buffer this affect
6. Hydration: helps keep the body flushing properly; needed to perspire properly; keeps
blood flowing so toxins can be carried to where they need to go.
4. Systems involved in the detoxification process:
A. Cardiovascular System-blood carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell as well as carrying
away metabolic debris; blood helps cleans detoxification sites like the liver; blood clears the pathway for the immune system
-Blood is the first thing to be affected by toxins. Once affected, it carries the toxins
throughout the body affecting other systems.
B. Lymph System-lymph (interstitial fluid) flows through the lymph nodes where bacteria and
viruses are filtered out; helps prevent the liver from getting overburdened
C. Digestive System-not only does the digestive system physically break down food, but it also
does the following:
1. Scans food for invaders (bacteria, parasites) and filters them out
2. Detoxifies poorly digested, fermented toxins
3. Eliminates toxins and other unusable substances from the body
-Organs of the digestive system that are particularly important to detoxification are the
liver and gallbladder (cleanses and purifies blood) and intestines (provides a barrier from
the rest of the body and has good bacteria which aid in detoxification)
D. Urinary System-kidneys filter the blood to remove cellular waste (some water and bile
E. Skin-sweat glands act like a second kidney; sweating is a very effective way to help
remove toxins from the body.
F. Respiratory System-lungs eliminate carbon dioxide;
5. Examples of detoxification methods
A. Dry Brush Massage-helps keep lymph moving
B. Bouncing Exercises
C. Enemas/Colonics/Purgatives (anything that helps cleanse the body of feces)
D. Sweating Therapies-Exercise

All bodily functions must be working properly before you attempt to do a detoxification protocol

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